Welcome to Joopiter

JOOPITER is a global digital-first auction house and content platform founded by Pharrell Williams.

We are building a space for today’s collectors, curators, and creators. JOOPITER honors rare cultural artifacts, their provenance and intrinsic relevance through auctions curated with knowledge and care.

We focus on rare objects and the stories behind them. JOOPITER approaches the auction experience with access and resources that serve the budding new collector and seasoned collectors alike.

JOOPITER is a destination for community and commerce, a place for everyone to discover and explore cultural artifacts. JOOPITER amplifies the provenance of the objects through original editorial and archival imagery, and by bespoke video content that takes viewers deep into the world of auctioned objects and the story that binds them together.

The idea behind JOOPITER is to embrace the energy that is released when objects change hands, and to respect the value that’s been created around these objects.