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Lorraine Schwartz: A Journey Through Gems

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JOOPITER, the global digital-first auction house founded by Pharrell Williams, is honored to present its first dedicated high jewelry sale, A Journey Through Gems, in partnership with Lorraine Schwartz.

Schwartz, the world-renowned American high jewelry designer and third-generation diamond dealer, is responsible for some of the most iconic jewelry moments of all time, with her coveted, bespoke designs regularly adorning royalty, industry icons, and A-list celebrities.

A Journey Through Gems will feature a selection of the world’s rarest stones and iconic, one-of-a-kind creations commissioned throughout Schwartz’s legendary career. Creations both recent and archival – including bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and rare loose stones – are imbued with historical and cultural provenance.

Lorraine Schwartz said: “I was lucky enough to meet Pharrell over 20 years ago, and we’ve built an incredible friendship through a mutual appreciation for the most exquisite and unique gems in the world. To me, A Journey Through Gems is not only a curation of the finest bespoke high jewelry available now, but also the story of our journey and relationship as told through gems. I am excited to partner with JOOPITER for this once-in-a-lifetime sale, bringing access to these gems and their provenance to a global audience.”

Standout pieces include: a stunning 50 carat D Flawless Type IIa heart-shaped loose diamond; a pair of 18k white gold 4-panel diamond shape earrings with natural purple sapphire, natural paraiba, and diamonds; an 18k white gold diamond & Colombian emerald bib necklace with matching earrings.

Detailed information on all lots will follow shortly.

The sale will open for enquiries on Friday, March 17 at