Brooklyn Bicycle

Lot 60

Product Description

In 2010 Bruno Domeau and Philippe Pérès, while in New York, visit the Brooklyn Bike factory in which Pharrell Williams had invested. Knowing Pharrell's interest in leatherwork, they suggested a new design collaboration with the creation of a bike entirely covered in leather. This bike was produced in three copies, one white, one yellow, and one blue.

Product Year


Product Materials

Steel and Leather

Product Dimensions

21 1/4 x 64 3/16 x 37 in. (54 x 163 x 94 cm.)

Product Note

The mid-aughts saw an interesting reinterest in the bicycle. BMX and fixed-gear bike culture was intersecting with street culture and Brooklyn Machine Works was at the center of it. While Skateboard P’s loyalty was to the skateboard, he regularly explored his fascination with vehicles of the 2-wheeled variety (The N.E.R.D. Lapdance video being an example). Pharrell’s interest in Brooklyn Machine Works led to him taking on a partnership stake in the BK-born, streetsmart bike brand, and in 2010, he folded his friends at DOMEAU & PÉRÈS into a unique collab. While BMW was originally known for its overbuilt, trail-smashing downhill mountain bikes, the svelte, leather-clad fixed gear that came out of this collaborative effort was an exquisite exploration of form and function. Three of these leather bikes were produced, this being the only white version in existence