Canary Cross and Smiley Chain

Lot 30

Product Description

Handcrafted with the finest precious metals and stones in Japan, this smiley and cross necklace is synonymous with the Eyefunny brand identity which has gained a cult following the world over.

Product Year


Product Materials

18K yellow gold, 8.07ct fancy intense yellow diamonds, 24 pcs emeralds, 2.6ct white diamonds. Comes in granite box.

Product Dimensions

16 15/16 in. (43 cm.)

Product Note

Launched in 2005, Tokyo-based EYEFUNNY has found a flawless niche, bezel-set somewhere between jewelry, high fashion, art, and streetwear. Most known for their gleaming smiley face and their numerous street culture-adjacent collabs (Arsham, Clot, Futura, etc.) EYEFUNNY has become the jewelry brand to stand in line for if that was a thing. EYEFUNNY Founder Jury Kawamura first met Pharrell at Art Basel in 2019 where Pharrell was intrigued by one of his pieces – specifically one that featured yellow diamond crosses. As an homage to that encounter, Jury has submitted this 18K gold necklace that alternates between his trademark smiley faces and proportionate crosses in fancy intense yellow diamonds, white diamonds, and 24 emeralds. It is every bit Pharrell as it is EYEFUNNY.