Contrast Stitching T-Shirt

Contrast Stitching T-Shirt

価格 (USD):$135
Size 00

This black cotton T-shirt has JOOPITER written on the front, TEAM on the back, with high density print logo technique, and contrast stitching at paneling. Bright purple metal TEAM WANG logo eyelets on the back. Designed for an extra loose fit.

TEAMJOOPITER merchandise is available for pre-order only. Items will begin shipping within 30 days. JOOPITER does not accept returns or exchanges. Please note that all sales are final.

这款黑色棉质T恤正面印有JOOPITER字样,背面印有TEAM字样,采用高密度印刷技术和对比拼接缝线。背部饰有亮紫色金属的TEAM WANG标志孔眼。设计为超宽松版.