Jacob & Co. N.E.R.D Pendant Chain

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Jacob & Co. N.E.R.D Pendant Chain

Product Details

14K Three-tone Gold with White, Natural Light Pink, Yellow, Treated Blue, Orange, Black, Cognac, and Green Diamond, Ruby. 157.58 carat weight (est.). Weighing a total of 975.7 grams. Length of 34 inches.


Pharrell Williams

Product Note

This is one of the most historic pieces of contemporary jewelry that represents an incomparable artist, at an incomparable time, with incomparable creativity. While the 2005 internet debated whether this was the biggest, most elaborate, blingiest (hey, it was 2005. We said that.) chain in the game, what is not debatable is the cultural impact and paradigm shift that this piece represented in Hip Hop and street culture. The sheer size, weight, amount of rare gems and especially the array of colors signaled a new era of rapper chains. The immense medallion features caricatures of the whole N.E.R.D. crew rendered in 3D, using an absurd amount of colored diamonds. The 14K three-tone gold chain is also flooded with white, natural light pink, natural fancy yellow and color enhanced blue diamonds. While the use of colored diamonds is now standard operating procedure in Hip Hop and pop culture jewelry, it was not in 2005.