Jacob & Co. Skateboard Pendant Chain

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Product Description

Jacob & Co. Skateboard Pendant Chain

Product Details

22K Yellow Gold with White, Pink, Yellow Diamonds. 35.27 carat weight (est.). Weighing a total of 401.4 grams. Length of 26 inches.


Pharrell Williams

Product Note

Since the mid nineties, the “Jesus Piece” has been a seen adorning the necks of many of Hip Hop’s freshest. From Biggie to Diddy and from Rae to Ye, a 3 dimensional pendant  depicting Jesus has been adored, referenced, rapped about and rendered in endless iterations of gold, platinum and diamond. Pharrell—AKA Skateboard P—did it different. When the industry goes right, P goes left. When everyone in the game was flipping it regular, P did it switch. Pharrell’s interpretation of a Jesus Piece was two 18K gold, (fully functional) fingerboard-sized skateboards, complete with nearly 2000 round, brilliant diamonds, dangling from a 26” 22K chain. One of the decks features a diamond depiction of Jesus, while the other features a diamond cross. If SKateboard P had a signature chain, this might have been it.