I bring art where I go

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Product Description

Paola Pivi is known for taking indentifiable objects and modifying them to challenge her audience to change their point of view. She plays with scale, material, and color - often taking an animal and giving it a human like demeanor. A common subject is polar bears, like this baby bear created uniquely for the Just Phriends auction, which take on human activities - yoga for example, or engagement with other bears. This work, sprouting pink multicolored feathers, has a Chanel loafer in his mouth which belonged to Pharrell Williams.

Product Year


Product Materials

Urethane foam, plastic, feathers, and CHANEL leather shoe

Product Dimensions

22 1/16 x 17 23/32 x 15 11/32 in. (56 x 45 x 38.5 cm.)

Product Note

In 1996, Italian artist Paola Pivi traveled to Alaska with the sole intention of seeing a bear in the wild. She accomplished her mission. The terrifying and mesmerizing, experience would inform a body of work that she continues to express to this day. Paola’s vividly-colored, playful, feathered polar bears are one of her most recognized subjects. For the Just Phriends auction, Paola has created this exclusive piece entitled

I bring art where I go. It consists of one of her iconic polar bear cubs, which has captured a single Pharrell X Chanel loafer from P’s 2019 capsule collection. The beautiful thing about art is that it can mean different things to different people. One person’s polar bear cub eating a Chanel loafer is another person's commentary on humanity’s multi-dimensional morality.