Initials PW

Lot 2

Product Description

Pedro Winter’s personal record collection of Pharrell Williams’ productions. The lot includes 23 vinyls, used and new. The collection includes some of the most iconic works from Pharrell.

Product Year


Product Materials

Aluminium Rimowa Pilot Case customized with vintage stickers filled with records

Product Dimensions

16 17/32 x 19 11/16 x 9 1/16 in. (42 x 50 x 23 cm.)

Product Note

This item could be best represented by a cliché cop show-style corkboard with dozens of photos, and strings connecting them. The board is plastered with thumbtacked images of a variety of people, places, and things … Vinyl records, a legendary French record producer/label owner, Paris, colette, Daft Punk, a prestigious 125+ year-old German luggage brand, Teddy Riley, stickers… lots of revealing stickers. The string crisscrosses the corkboard, connecting the photos like a manic laser bouncing around a hall of mirrors. At the center of the board… a photo of Pharrell Williams. Everything connects to him. 

This offering is a collection of 23 vinyl records which Pedro “Busy P” Winter has curated from his personal collection of Pharrell’s greatest hits. The records are housed in a Rimowa travel case that has been plastered with stickers reflecting encounters and moments in Pedro’s life. Follow the string. It’s all connected.