Lot 52

Product Description

Peter Paid did not start out as an artist with the intention of profiting from his work, rather he grew up in downtown New York at a time when tagging was part of his identity. Years later, Peter is celebrated as a breakthrough graffiti artist, celebrated by the many artists and celebrities he has created custom works for. Inspired by Pharrell's constant evolution, Peter too as continued to grow as an artist, with his art and focus evolving. This is a unique work Peter created for the Just Phriends auction.

Product Year


Product Materials

Painted canvas

Product Dimensions

24 x 30 x 1.25 in. (61 x 76.2 x 3.2 cm.)

Product Note

Peter Paid is forged from the five elements. BK born and raised, a disciple of early 80s NY graffiti, eventual DJ, and a prolific visual communicator, he uses classic sign painting to tell the tales of hip hop and street culture. With a can, a brush, and a 40-year-deep hip hop resume, he’s able to merge the past, present, and future in vivid color and familiar forms. One of his most celebrated series references traditional grocery store-style hand-painted window signs, with iconic hip hop artists, quotes, songs, or artists filling in for the usual deli meat or fresh produce. For his contribution to the Just Phriends collection, Peter chose Pharrell’s 2013 all-world wonder hit “Happy” as the fresh produce on offer.