Tourist Seasoning

Lot 57

Product Description

Summer Seasoning consists of 2 works, a painting and a paper mache bust, which are exaggerated depictions of actual sights from Virginia Beach, Summer 2022. Pharrell and Clayman were both born and raised in Virginia Beach, where Clayman claims you can’t help but be immersed in the many flavors of Summer Tourism. Each new season brings a crashing wave of characters from all over the region, all uniting for common goals: relaxation and release. When it comes to my work, I’m unapologetic and bold with the imagery. It is the artist's goal to deliver a light of visual pleasure and affirm that we should all be able to smile—or be disgusted, together. He paints with the trust that the spectator has experienced similar visions and chance encounters at some point in their own life.

Product Year


Product Materials

Painting: acrylic, canvas, ash frame, Bust: newspaper, paste, acrylic, nylon hat

Product Dimensions

36 x 36 in. (91.5 x 91.5 cm.) without frame, 39 1/4 x 39 1/4 in. (99.71 x 99.71 cm.) with frame 18 x 12 x 12 in. (45.72 x 30.5 x 30.5 cm.)

Product Note

Fellow Virginia Beach natives, Sam Clayman and Pharrell Williams have most certainly shared experiences with the wave of sun-scorched, summer-salvation-seeking tourists that washes over their hometown every year. Sam’s absurd, charactural characters are somehow simultaneously critical and complimentary, perfect for articulating the love/hate relationship that the beach town natives have with their fleeting flocks of summer invaders. Tourist Seasoning consists of 2 works (a painting and a sculpted bust) which are exaggerated depictions of actual sights from Virginia Beach, Summer 2022. Like many artists and creators of the 757, Sam credits Pharrell with being a central conduit of creative energy in the region. Over the years, Pharrell has cosigned Sam’s artistic pursuits and has emboldened him to uphold the creative legacy of Virginia Beach.