ALL GONE books collection in a USM Downtown Pink Tower D designed by Ben Ganz

Lot 59

Product Description

Collection of 17 ALL GONE books (2006-2022) signed by the author Michael Dupouy, included in a USM Downtown Pink Tower D 'Low-Rise' destined by Ben Ganz.

Product Year


Product Materials

17 ALL GONE books (paper), USM shelf (steel)

Product Dimensions

Shelf: 13 25/32 x 8 17/64 x 5 33/64 in. (35 x 21 x 14cm.) Books: 10 7/16 x 9 1/16 x 25/32 in. (26.5 x 23 x 2 cm.) per book

Product Note

All Gone is a hardbound magazine/book published by Michael Dupouy and his influential creative agency LA MJC. Like the Encyclopedia Britannica of street culture, All Gone is considered an authority on the most important people, places, and things of every year. It has been published annually since 2006, with multiple editions/covers, each considered grail-level collectibles. This collection of All Gone books has been curated by Dupouy and is housed in a premium shelving unit designed by Ben Ganz, for Swiss furniture firm USM. Every book is signed by Michael as well. Outside of this auction, it would be virtually impossible to source a collection of All Gone books this comprehensive. Let alone, all residing in an architectural, functional work of art like this.