Dream Concert

Lot 55

Product Description

Andre Saraiva's dream concert posters are just as they sound, a fantasy lineup of the concert of his dreams. This painting featuring his dream line up of hip hop artists he likes and admires.

Product Year


Product Materials

Acrylic and spray-on canvas

Product Dimensions

51 3/16 x 38 3/16 in. (130 x 97 cm.)

Product Note

Andre Saraiva (better known as Andre) is a hotelier, nightlife imperator, and entrepreneur, as well as a prolific designer and artist. Most notably known for his ubiquitous “Mr. A” graffiti character, Andre has emblazoned the top-hat-topped, wonky-eyed adventurer across buildings, billboards, and canvases around the world. In addition to his public art, Andre has also created a series of “Dream Concert” prints, in which he uses traditional concert poster aesthetics to create rosters of fantasy concerts and events. For the Just Phriends auction, Andre has submitted this exclusive Dream Concert poster featuring a mic-drop of an imagined lineup, taking stage at MSG nonetheless. If only.