NIGO: From Me to You

BAPE STA College Drop Out Sneakers Signed by Kanye West

Lot 20

Product Description

Kanye's first sneaker collaboration, The College Dropout Bapesta sneaker. In the all-leather classic Bapesta style, the heal has Kanye's Dropout Bear and mimics the colorway of the College Drop Out album cover. Signed by Kanye West.


US Men's 9

Product Note

Kanye’s impact on the footwear industry and sneaker culture cannot be overstated. It can be overanalyzed, under-appreciated, over-appreciated, unrepeatable, arguable, or even undesirable, but it cannot be overstated. It was immense and everlasting and it all started with this shoe. NIGO was Kanye’s first footwear collaborator and the College Dropout BAPE STA was his first footwear collaboration. While he’d go on to rewrite footwear design language and entirely disrupt the industry through partnerships with Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Adidas, this shoe was patient zero. With a color palette and bear character borrowed from the album cover, this BAPE STA was dropped in 2007, when Kanye was just starting to add hyphens to his title. Signed by Kanye, with personalized messages to NIGO, this particular shoe is possibly one of the most underappreciated grails to ever come out of a private collection.