NIGO: From Me to You

BAPE STA First Edition Sneakers Signed by Jay Z

Lot 18

Product Description

All white leather first edition Bape Sta sneakers, signed by Jay-Z. NIGO's backstage pass from a Jay-Z show in Japan included.


US Men's 10

Product Note

Elevation is the sincerest form of flattery. In 2002, NIGO elevated a legendary, existing sneaker silhouette and reimagined it as the BAPE STA. Drawing inspiration from a classic basketball shoe, the BAPE STA was a breath of fresh color that bubbled up from the streets of Shibuya, eventually spilling onto the feet of streetwear elite around the world. Over the years, the BAPE STA has been offered in a myriad of colors and collaborations. It has won the hearts and soles of celebrities, actors, musicians, and athletes and reigns as an archetype for how to walk the fine line between homage and imitation. This particular pair of size 10 BAPE STAs represents an iconic apex point of Hip-Hop and fashion. This first edition BAPE STA in white-on-white is signed by Mr. White-on-white himself, Jay-Z. Credited with setting the trend of white-on-whites in Hip Hop, Jay signed this pair during an early meeting with NIGO in 2002. Included in this auction is NIGO’s backstage pass to the Jay-Z concert where the meeting took place.