NIGO: From Me to You

Casio x Nigo White Gold & Diamond G-Shock Watch

Lot 30

Product Description

A special edition Casio G-Shock watch, customized by Jacob & Co. with 18K white gold and 16.50 carats of white diamonds. Comes with interchangable diamond and gold Billionaire Boys Club logo back panel and interchangable front case. 35th-anniversary model, with "Thank you from NIGO and K.Ibe" engraved on stainless steel back. Water Resistant 20 bar. 02/35 edition.

Product Note

In the early aughts, the Hip Hop jewelry craze was crazy. Every luxury watch under the sun was being studded, flooded, iced out, and busted down. But Pharrell and NIGO were the first to bridge the utilitarian, athletic, digital practicality of a G-Shock with the opulence and decadence of Hip Hop jewelry. Pharrell and NIGO both regularly brought G-Shocks to NYC-based jeweler-to-the-streets Jacob Arabo (AKA Jacob & Co.) to bust down and bling out. This particular Jacob & Co. creation is based on an extremely limited G-Shock X BAPE 35th anniversary DW-6935 model and is embellished with 18K white gold and 16.5 carats of white baguette diamonds. A white diamond-flooded Billionaire Boys Club Astronaut logo is embedded into the back, which is interchangeable with the original 35th anniversary back, also included in this lot. Only 35 pieces of the original version of this watch were released, making this NIGO X Jacob version nearly unobtainable.