Tutti Frutti Cono

Lot 35

Product Description

Crafted of 18 kt gold, diamonds and stones, this lifesize ice cream cone is a nostalgic object reminiscent of summer days rendered precious and everlasting. Handcrafted in Italy by the brand for the Just Phriends auction, this special piece evokes luxury and childhood whimsy.

Product Year


Product Materials

18K white gold, diamonds, and multicolor tourmaline

Product Dimensions

7 3/32 x 2 3/4 in. (18 x 7 cm.)

Product Note

Delfina Delettrez is a legacy créatrice. She is a second-generation jeweler, heiress to an iconic fashion house, and a brilliant creator whose jewelry designs exist as both classic and innovative. One of her most unique pieces is the somehow impractical and practical “Cono” which is a sterling silver ice cream cone. It is ridiculous, sophisticated, absurd, and elegant. Yet, somehow for the Just Phriends collection, Delfina has created a one-off Cono that is an even more extravagant, elegant, impractically perfect piece of art. Rendered in 18K white gold awash in multicolored tourmaline and white diamonds, it is the king's chalice of Pharrell’s expansive kingdom of imagination. Ice cream, diamonds, art, salut!