Hasami Jaguar

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Product Description

Inspired by Haroshi having repaired a broken rare 1973 toy damaged in an earthquake with a skateboard, this action figure created from skateboard elements is symbolic of the Haroshi Jaguar, and the need for an action figure of the type to come and destroy everything in Japan whereas the artist believes, "everything seems tobe stuck".

Product Year


Product Materials

Vintage action figure with carved skateboard elements

Product Dimensions

5 1/8 x 9 7/16 x 21 1/4 in. (13 x 24 x 54 cm.)

Product Note

Haroshi is a skater. Not like… he rides a skateboard, but like he has a profound connection and devotion to the skateboard. He has likened broken skateboards to Jesus in how they both sacrifice themselves to protect the rider. Haroshi is also a sculptor. His medium is primarily the broken skateboard which he renders into beautiful sculptures and statues born from the multi-colored laminated layers of discarded decks. He was a frequent collaborator and close friend of Keith Huffnagel, with one of his most arresting works being a giant middle finger that presided as the centerpiece of the Huf store for many years. He has also collaborated with Modernica Furniture and Medicom Toys among others. His most recent body of work involves giving new life to broken and discarded toys, especially the classic tin Japanese wind-up variety. A modern-day J.F. Sebastian, he reanimates them with sculpted pieces of upcycled skate decks, into Frankensteined works of art. This particular piece is a repaired/reimagined Hasami-Jaguar which is an extremely rare toy from the 1973 Kamen Rider TV show. This Jaguar belonged to a friend of Hiroshi’s and was damaged after a recent Tokyo earthquake-induced fall from a shelf. It is an extension of Haroshi’s exploration of “healing” as a concept with the recent series of discarded skateboard-repaired toys.