Camo for Pharrell

Lot 16

Product Description

A unique work created for the auction of ceramic and cystral tiles. This camo work, inspired by Pharrell, is signed, titled and dated on the back.

Product Year


Product Materials

Ceramic and crystal tiles on wood panel

Product Dimensions

18 11/16 x 19 11/16 in. (47.5 x 49.9 cm.)

Product Note

If you know, you know. If you don’t know, you probably just didn’t know you knew. Whether you’re familiar with Invader’s work, or not… you’ve probably seen it. He is arguably one of the most prolific street artists of the last 20 years. All world status, almost every continent covered, every major city invaded. His mosaic, tiled street-stallations have invaded cityscapes since his start in Paris in the late 90s. Since the early days, he’s gamified his work, releasing “Invader Maps” which document his pixelated invasions and reveal a road map for fans of his work to follow along on self-guided tours. As he gained popularity and started selling pieces through galleries and more formal art sales channels, he continued to install outlaw pieces. New Invader pieces continue to pop up around the world to this day – including this rare piece made from ceramic and crystal tiles created exclusively for Just Phriends.