NIGO: From Me to You

Jacob & Co. N.E.R.D. White Gold & Multi Color Diamond Belt Buckle

Lot 41

Product Description

Custom made for NIGO by Jacob and Co.,14k white gold with 21.57 carats of mixed colored diamonds, N.E.R.D. belt buckle.


10.16 x 5.72 cm ; 4 x 2 1/4 in.

Product Note

This candy-colored, diamond-drenched, Gucci-inspired, N.E.R.D. belt buckle is an iconic piece. So iconic in fact, that the internet is now awash in knockoffs, sus bootlegs, homages, and remixes of it. While Pharrell was the first to flex it, in 2005, NIGO promptly commissioned Jacob for his own version as well. The buckle is cast in platinum and consists of over 600 round brilliant natural diamonds of varying colors.