NIGO: From Me to You

Jacob & Co. Rope Chains

Lot 34

Product Description

Two Jacob & Co. 14 carat white gold rope chain necklaces.


Large Rope Chain - 736.6 x 29.21 mm (355.6 mm clasped) ; 29 x 1 3/20 in. (14 in. clasped) Small Rope Chain - 508 x 25.4 mm (279.4 mm clasped) ; 20 x 1 in. clasped (11 in. clasped)

Product Note

While NIGO was making frequent visits to Jacob in and around 2003, not everything consisted of surreal caricature pendants and fistfuls of colored diamonds. These pieces are more subdued and nuanced, yet equally impressive. This lot is comprised of two Jacob & Co. rope chain necklaces in 14-carat white gold. They are as extravagant as they are simple.