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Product Description

Javier Calleja almost exclusively focuses his artwork to depict a boy in the transitional age between teen and adolescence. With oversized, often watery, eyes and subtle red cheeks, Calleja's characters are little heroes in their own right, who just overcame something painful and are about to smile again after crying. The devil is in the details in this work by Calleja, depicting a boy in a small hat, with a daisy in mouth, and 'Mood' written across his shirt.

Product Year


Product Materials

Acrylic on canvas

Product Dimensions

31 1/2 x 25 9/16 in. (80 x 65 cm.) 53 17/32 x 45 21/32 x 5 1/8 in. (136 x 116 x 13 cm.) with frame

Product Note

Most of Javier Calleja’s recent work consists of exaggerated, child-like characters rendered in paint, illustration, and sculpture. Their cartoonish features and wildly wide eyes assign innocence and playfulness to them. Often accompanied by a short message or phrase, they give the characters words, but the personality and charm that Javier has imbued them with give them a voice. The piece Mood is a one-of-one piece that Javier created especially for Just Phriends that speaks volumes with one word. Art is subject to the eye of the beholder, but no beholder is immune from a mood.