Emerald Heart Ring

Lot 33

Product Description

18k yellow gold and 11.75 carat heart shape emerald ring. The ring is of Colombian origin and has a minor amount of treatment.

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Product Materials

18k yellow gold & emerald

Product Note

Pharrell and Lorraine’s relationship dates back to the early aughts. He considers her a mentor and credits her with elevating his understanding of, and appreciation for precious gems and jewelry design. This piece is an 18k yellow gold ring containing a massive 11.75 carat, heart-shaped, Colombian emerald. The stone is mesmerizing and the quality, precision, and execution are impeccable. It represents not just the style, design, artistry, and craftsmanship that Pharrell and Lorraine share in their approach to their respective crafts, but also the patience, research, science, and knowledge they apply.