NIGO: From Me to You

Louis Vuitton Custom Monogram Record Bag & 25 Vinyl Records

Lot 5

Product Description

A custom-made for NIGO and signed Louis Vuitton monogram record bag. The bag comes complete with 25 vinyl records - 14 Beatles Lp's & 11 various artists Lp's - selected by NIGO from his personal collection.


38.1 x 15.24 x 35.56 cm ; 15 x 6 x 14 in.

Product Note

Trunks, clutches, purses, duffles, etc. There is a whole phylum of carrying contraptions nestled within the Louis Vuitton kingdom, but there is no record bag. Not readily available at your neighborhood Louis store, that is. You have to know a guy. NIGO knows a guy. NIGO knows all the guys. In 2004—while working with Louis Vuitton, he requested this bespoke Louis Vuitton-monogrammed record bag, which Louis Vuitton produced for him. Included in this auction is a selection of 25 records, (14 Beatles Lp's + 11 various Lp's) selected by NIGO himself, from his personal collection.