Lot 15

Product Description

Modeled after the open edition collectable astronaut made specially to celebrate Billionaire Boys Club's 20th anniversary, this chromed polyresin larger scale version of Kagan's celebrated astronaut was made specifically for this auction. This work is signed and dated on the bottom of the foot “Michael Kagan 2022”.

Product Year


Product Materials

Chromed polyresin

Product Dimensions

38 3/16 x 20 7/8 x 22 1/16 in. (97 x 53 x 56 cm.)

Product Note

Both Virginia Beach-bred, both fascinated with space and the humans who explore it, and both wildly prolific artists. Pharrell Williams and Michael Kagan’s paths would probably have crossed eventually, but Pharrell initiated the crossing in 2013 when he humbly emailed Kagan proposing a project. Through their multitude of mutual interests, Kagan and P formed like Voltron and have collaborated multiple times, most recently in March of this year, with the launch of the Michael Kagan X Billionaire Boys Club Astronaut Figurine. Those figures, rendered in both silver and gold chrome stood 10.5 inches tall. This 1of1 edition is rendered at a much larger scale (38.2 inches tall) and was made exclusively for the Just Phriends auction. It is a 3-dimensional reimagining of Kagan’s ubiquitous Astronaut paintings and the culmination of his and Pharrell’s long history of collaboration.