Phriendship Necklace, Burger & Fries

Lot 28

Product Description

Nothing is more synonymous with Colette than the Nadine Ghosn Burger ring. When asked to create a special piece for the auction, Ghosn knew her signature burger charm was the answer - having won numerous prizes across the industry and past collaborations with brands such as McDonald's. In wanting to make something special surrounding the theme of "friendship", Nadine crafted the missing friend to the one-of-one burger charm, the one-of-one french fries charm. Both showcase the highest caliber of craftsmanship, creativity and materials.

Product Year


Product Materials

14k mixed gold charms with over 280 champagne and white diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and tsavorites per piece, 18k gold chains.

Product Dimensions

Each pendant approximately 2 3/4 x 2 3/8 x 25/32 in. (70 x 60 x 20 mm.)

Product Note

Burger and fries. An analogy for the conflicting forces of man’s inherent desires to be good, but do wrong. A culinary correlation between dark and light. Just kidding. It’s just a delicious preparation of ingredients. And at the hands of jeweler Nadine Ghosn, a perfect platform to explore color, light, and geology. First, with her legendary customizable Hamburger rings (comprised of 7 separate stackable rings), Nadine renders the ubiquitous delectable as fine jewelry with whimsy and charm. With Nigo as one of her first high-profile male clients and Pharrell as one of her creative muses, Nadine speaks the same design language as P and shares an affinity for colored gems. As homage to Pharrell’s penchant for multicolored pendants and a slight departure from her usual oeuvre, Nadine created this Burger Pendant. It is accompanied by – in her words – “its bestest of friends… the French fries.” A reminder to “stay curious, stay humble and stay hungry in life!