Brick Hat

Lot 45

Product Description

Life-size LEGO sculpture of Pharrell Williams comprised of 25,988 LEGO® bricks

Product Year


Product Materials

25,988 LEGO® bricks

Product Dimensions

25 x 24 x 80 in. (63.5 x 61 x 203.2 cm.)

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Product Note

Throughout his career, Pharrell has elevated his hat game to an art form. Nathan Sawaya elevated that art form to a piece of art. Constructed from LEGO bricks, the 78” tall sculptured likeness of Pharrell was created exclusively for the Just Phriends auction. It was envisioned, designed, and built by the abundantly talented LEGO artist, Nathan Sawaya. Nathan recalls Pharrell’s infamous Vivienne Westwood Buffalo Hat moment and celebrates the conversation and joy that the hat brought to the world. He sees parallels between Pharrell and the LEGO bricks, with both being responsible for boundless creativity and inspiration. Reflecting on the Brick Hat sculpture, Sawaya recounts 17th-century poet John Oldham who said, “And all your future lies beneath your hat."