NIGO: From Me to You

NIGO 3D Printed Figure

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Product Description

A one-of-one 3D printed figurine in NIGO's likeness, holding his Hermes Birkin. Signed by NIGO on base.


6.99 x 6.99 x 19.37 cm ; 2 3/4 x 2 3/4 x 7 5/8 in.

Product Note

In a way, this one-of-one, hand-painted 3D-printed figurine of NIGO exists as his action figure. It is diminutive, informal, and understated, yet flawless and intentional. It is the desk-top, decorative embodiment of Coco Chanel’s edict of “...take one thing off.” This approx. 8” Birkin-clutching model stands on a base signed by NIGO and it does exactly what it should. It looks effortless, yet impeccable. Obsessive attention paid to detail, so casually.