Lot 51

Product Description

Shaped 'Vulcan Hand Salute' painting. Pharrell and his associates are frequently seen on photos and videos throwing up the Vulcan salute. This hand gesture was popularized in the 1960s television Star Trek. The 'Vulcan salute' was often accompanied by the words 'Live Long and Prosper'. Pharrell brought this salute back from the past representing positivity and his futuristic 'out of this world' vision. Paris-based & Amsterdam-raised artist Pieter Ceizer painted his interpretation of the Vulcan sign. The hand-shaped 'Rise' painting symbolizes a multi-color sunrise, the daily rebirth of earth and every human being. This artwork celebrates Pharrell's growth and evolution as a creative visionary and artist. Background painted with a soft pastel gradient, on top a deep purple line work reading 'Rise'.

Product Year


Product Materials

Acrylic on shaped wood panel

Product Dimensions

66 9/16 x 59 1/16 x 1 13/32 in. (168 x 150 x 3.6 cm.)

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Product Note

Pieter Ceizer’s list of collaborators is long and prestigious. Ralph Lauren, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, and yes… colette. Through his art and apparel line, Ceizer has produced a number of notable colette collabs over the years. Propelled by skateboarding and graffiti, he’s developed a unique style that ebbs and flows in and out of illustration, typography, and color exploration, yet always remains identifiable as a Pieter Ceizer creation. For his contribution to Just Phriends, he celebrates the iconic Vulcan greeting, which Pharrell lovingly adopted as the Startrack salute, regularly throwing it up as a sign of life, unity, and prosperity. The piece features the word “rise” and a gradient sunrise color palette representing the daily rebirth of earth and humanity. Pieter’s creation is intended to extol Pharrell’s growth and evolution as a creative visionary and artist.