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Teriyaki Boys Figurine Set & Signed “Serious Japanese” CD

Lot 43

Product Description

Four Teriyaki Boys plastic figurines from the Serious Japanese album cover and music video. Comes NIGO with signed 'Serious Japanese' CD.


All Figures - 14.93 x 7.62 x 42.23 cm ; 5 7/8 x 3 x 16 5/8 in.

Product Note

This set of four Teriyaki Boyz figurines was created for the cover shoot of the Boyz 2009 album Serious Japanese. Each of the figures is cast in vinyl, hand painted, and clad in head-to-toe BAPE, including the iconic full zip Shark Hoodie. While similar figures were produced and sold at retail, These particular 16 5/8” renditions were never available to the public and were created specifically for the album cover photo shoot. Included with this lot is a Serious Japanese CD signed by Teriyaki Boyz.