NIGO: From Me to You

Vintage Beer Jacket

Lot 52

Product Description

White cotton jacket that people used when they graduated from school. Each was custom-designed, one of one, making them both rare and collectible.

Product Note

The depths of obscurity and uniqueness to which NIGO’s vintage collection extends are far and wide. This piece is a perfect example. This curious garment of legend and lore is a college “Beer Jacket” from the 1940s. Legend goes that early 20th-century university students would wear these during the less-than-academic activity of beer drinking. They would often be scribed with messages, illustrations, and classmates' names. This one appears to bear some sort of fraternity allegiance, an array of classmates' names, and a unique guerilla gorilla drawing residing on that back. Given the era, the parachuting primate illustration was most likely inspired by a WWII paratrooper. This jacket is a rare, peculiar piece of American college history and tradition, as well as an interesting glimpse into young adulthood of the 1940s.