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Vintage Levi's 501EXX "The End" Rodeo Jeans

Lot 60

Product Description

Levi's 501EXX worn by rodeo clowns, as Levi’s often was the rodeo sponsor. Exaggerated in size, consistent with rodeo clown clothing. This pair was likely worn at the "The END" of rodeo. Size 54W X 25L.


Size 54 X 25

Product Note

In the sixties, Levi’s produced 501s for some of the high-profile clowns of the rodeo circuit. They were comically oversized (W54XL25), requiring suspenders, and occasionally handpainted with a slogan or message emblazoned across the bum. This pair was likely customized by a rodeo clown with “The End” to be incorporated into the act somehow. This pair is in stellar condition, considering its 1960s vintage and the regular rodeo arena abuse that it likely endured.