Vintage Levi's 501ZXX Blue Denim Deadstock Jeans

Lot 57

Product Description

Vintage, very rare, deadstock 1950's Levi's 501ZXX Zipper version jeans. Includes original paper patch.


Size 31 x 31

Product Note

Celebrating their 150th anniversary this year (for which they tapped Nigo as a celebratory collaborator) Levi’s is the great great grandfather of American workwear. No need for hyperbole and long-winded, flowery embellishing prose about Levi’s and their significance. Or the exclusivity and allure of vintage Levi’s. You already know. But these are special. Deadstock, with paper patch, flasher, and guarantee ticket attached. 501 ZXX (zipper version). 1950s. Even in used condition, they are rare. In deadstock condition, they nearly never come to market. As with everything else in NIGO’s archives, they are extremely rare.