NIGO: From Me to You

Vintage Sukajan Alaska Souvenir Jacket

Lot 48

Product Description

A very rare vintage 1950's Sukajan souvenir jacket from Alaska, rarely seen on the market. The "49" on the collar represents Alaska, the 49th state of the United States. Dogs on the sleeves and white bears on the chest and back are also unique to Alaska. Jacket was made in Japan.

Product Note

Since WWII, a cultural collaboration has existed between Japan and the US. Usually, it’s Americana adopted, reimagined then repacked and shipped back to the US in the form of car culture, food, music, sports, and especially fashion. But in the case of the silk Sukajan (souvenir) jacket, it was reversed with postwar American servicemen adopting this fashion statement from Japan and importing it into the US. This particular 1950s Sukajan from NIGO’s vast vintage collection (considered one of the most prolific in the world) acknowledges America’s 49th state with stars, sled dogs, an angry Polar Bear, and other Alaska references. The Alaska Sukajan jacket is a cult favorite amongst Sukajan collectors and it has been copied, referenced, and reimagined by countless brands and collectors, but legitimate vintage examples are hyper-rare and highly revered.