NIGO: From Me to You

Vintage Wrangler Champion Jacket

Lot 51

Product Description

Original first edition Wrangler commercial champion jacket. Colors include red, black, white, and light blue.


Size 44

Product Note

This jacket articulates the evolution of the Blue Bell Overall Company and how it would eventually become Wrangler. Originally Blue Bell developed a line of cowboy-oriented jeans aptly called Wrangler, that was closely associated with rodeos and rodeo culture. The Blue Bell Wrangler Champion Jackets were given to and worn by rodeo champions as an early example of athlete/brand endorsement deals. The Champion jacket was never sold to the public but reserved for the elite, winning cowboys of the rodeo circuit. Over the years, these Champion Jackets have achieved grail status amongst vintage collectors and have been reproduced and replicated by Wrangler and other brands. This beautiful example from NIGO’s collection is one of the red editions and is estimated to date back to the 1950s.