Son of a Pharaoh


A Collection by Pharrell Williams

Every cultural artifact is unique. It is enriched by the heritage, origin, history, and the energy of everyone who touched them. This energy makes culture.

When an artifact exchanges hands, the energy is released. When an artifact becomes part of a collection, the energy transforms and grows.It becomes an invisible thread in the fabric of culture, weaving together people, stories, places, and experiences. The energy connects generations, binds us together, and makes a legacy.

Son of a Pharaoh captures the energy of modern culture. It provokes us to answer what we value and why. It seeks to alter the trajectory of how we collect, what we collect, and who the sellers and buyers are. By creating an environment that challenges representation, ownership and taste, Son of a Pharaoh pioneers the modern collecting economy. This economy is less about having money to buy things, and more about having the taste to know what to buy: it’s about showing a set of values and ethical intelligence through spending.

Son of a Pharaoh shows us that every artifact is a community. It brings creators, curators and collectors together, and creates a new model for commerce, with the goal of making a more visible, vibrant and robust culture. It celebrates experiences, people and places, and gives them meaning and significance beyond their original context.

Cultural artifacts curated here transcend genders, genres and cultural niches. They carry the energy of individuality, and connect the dots of culture. They have been selected based on how much they reflect taste that transcends trends; how much they convey the unique cultural context where they originated; how much they represent the new collectibles; and how much they thread the narrative of our modern culture.

Son of a Pharaoh is a story of innovation and creativity, importance of material history and celebration of everyone who takes part in creating it. It’s a story by and for nerds, obsessives, and connoisseurs obsessed with cultural artifacts, their context and the new tastemakers who connect the dots in culture, telling us what to pay attention to and why.

The story here links the energy of the origins with the energy of our present while focusing it on the future. Follow the energy, and know the culture.