Striped Polo Shirt

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Striped Polo Shirt


Pharrell Williams

Product Note

In 2001, music videos still meant something. MTV, BET and VH1 still aired them and some of them… they aired often. The video for Lapdance—the first single off of N.E.R.D.’s debut album—was one of them. It was dark, sexy, intense and frenetic. You know… N.E.R.D. shit. Tight club shots lit by what appeared to be a flashlight were Juxtapositioned by wide shots of Pharrell and crew mobbing down damp streets on BMX bikes. You know… N.E.R.D. shit. Throughout the video, Pharrell is spitting Lapdance’s politically charged outlaw lyrics in a pink and brown striped polo shirt. This is that shirt.