Pink, Yellow, and White Diamond Three-Row Hoop Earrings Set in 18k White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold

Lot 7

Product Description

Three-Row Hoop Diamond Earrings Containing 7.65 Carats of Natural Pink Diamonds, 12.44 Carats of Natural Yellow Diamonds, and 15.59 Carats of White Diamonds Set in 18k White Gold, 18k Yellow Gold, and 18k Rose Gold.


Lorraine Schwartz

Product Note

And just when you think you can paint the Lorraine Schwartz style into a corner, or you think you know her aesthetic fingerprints, she’ll hit you with something like this. A pair of beautifully organic 3-row hoop earrings bearing over 7.50 carats of natural fancy pink diamonds, over 12 carats of natural yellow diamonds, and over 15.50 carats of white diamonds, affixed to 18k white, yellow and rose gold. They are among the less sculpted pieces in this private sale but also some of the most beautiful.