Brazilian Paraiba Triangular Shape

Lot 9

Product Description

20.30 Carat Triangular Shape Brazilian Paraiba. This Gemstone Is Accompanied By a Report and Appendix Letter From SSEF, a Report and Information Sheet From Gubelin, a Report and Letter From AGL, and a Report and Letter From the GIA.


Lorraine Schwartz

Product Note

The Paraiba tourmaline is among the rarest, most treasured, and most collectible gems on earth. It is a unique and magnificent gem, celebrated for its intensely neon, deep blue tone and its near-extinct scarcity. First discovered in 1989 in its namesake Brazilian state of Paraiba, it very well may never be unearthed again. There is currently no active mining or source for new Paraiba tourmaline. Since its discovery, similar tourmaline stones have been sourced in Nigeria and Mozambique, but genuine Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline is much more highly sought after. At 20.30 carats, this unset example is one of the largest ever offered. This triangular-cut masterpiece is thoroughly documented (four reports from four of the most prestigious gem labs in the world, including multiple letters confirming its magnificence and rarity) as having originated in Brazil and its size, color, clarity, and mesmerizing cut secure it as one of the most spectacular examples on earth.