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Faux Leather Tangsuit

Faux Leather Tangsuit

Price (USD):$400
Size 00

This stylish faux leather black jacket in a classic Chinese tangsuit style comes complete with TEAM JOOPITER logo metal plate on the back and a debossed logo brooch. Innovative DNA details at the jacket's slits, and bright purple metal TEAM WANG logo eyelets on the back. Designed for a loose fit.

TEAMJOOPITER merchandise is available for pre-order only. Items will begin shipping within 30 days. JOOPITER does not accept returns or exchanges. Please note that all sales are final.

这款时尚的人造皮革黑色夹克采用经典的中式唐装风格,背部配有TEAM JOOPITER标志的金属牌和压花标志徽章。夹克开口处带有创新的DNA细节,背部饰有亮紫色金属的TEAM WANG标志孔眼。设计为宽松版型。