Fancy Vivid Yellow Round Brilliant Cut Diamond and White Diamond Ring Set in Platinum and 18k Yellow Gold

Lot 21

Product Description

Diamond Containing a 15.51 Carat Fancy Vivid Yellow, VS2 Clarity Round Brilliant Cut Diamond and 1.25 Carats of Trapezoid Diamond Side Stones Set in Platinum and 18k Yellow Gold. The Center Diamond Is GIA Certified.


Lorraine Schwartz

Product Note

Diamonds exist naturally on a brilliant spectrum of color. From rich, lush neons to soft gentle pastels, nature graces stones differently resulting in different hues. This particular stone is rated the coveted fancy vivid yellow, because of its deep color saturation and warm light color. It is gorgeous and rare, and even more special given its 15.51 carat size, its VS2 clarity, and round brilliant cut. The round cut makes it extremely rare for a vivid yellow diamond. If this stone was cut into another shape, it would be the strongest of colors. Usually when you have a fancy yellow round cut, you can cut it into a fancy yellow intense cushion cut. This stone being a vivid and round cut is very rare. It is flanked by 1.25 carats of trapezoid diamond side stones and set in platinum and 18k yellow gold.