Purple Sapphire, Tie Shape Diamond and Paraiba Four-Panel Kite Shape Earrings Set in 18k White Gold

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Product Description

Purple Sapphire, Diamond and Paraiba Four-Panel Kite Shape Earrings Containing 45.58 Carats of Purple Sapphires, 39.47 Carats of Diamonds, and 3.96 Carats of Paraibas Set in 18k White Gold. Eight of the Ten Large Purple Sapphires Are Certified With GRS With Most Originating From Madagascar and All Ten Having No Heat Treatment.


Lorraine Schwartz

Product Note

Taylor Swift illuminated the Grammys this year with these extraordinary white gold, Paraiba tourmaline and natural purple sapphire earrings. Kite-shaped, impeccably crafted with tie-shaped diamonds (some of the rarest and most difficult to cut) and other impossibly precious gems, they were simultaneously organic and architectural. Perfectly poised between art and science. The size of these earrings is somehow understated and overstated simultaneously. They appear ethereally lightweight, yet preciously weighty.