BAPE STA “Ostrich”

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BAPE STA "Ostrich"

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Size 9M


Pharrell Williams

Product Note

The Bape Sta was Nigo’s homage to Nike’s legendary Air Force 1. Wildly popular in Japan, before permeating American street culture in the early aughts, the Bape Sta was known for it’s wild and vivid exploration of color palettes. Few examples however were more wild than the small run of ostrich skin Stas that Nigo created in 2007. Though Nigo eventually released an Ostrich skin pack to the public in 2010, this bespoke yellow, green and blue pair was created as a gift for Pharrell and has never been seen in public. While similar versions of ostrich Bape Stas made public appearances on Pharrell's feet, this particular colorway stayed on ice.