Ice Cream Low “Busy Work Shop”

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Ice Cream Low “Busy Work Shop”

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Size 9M


Pharrell Williams

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The "Busy Work Shop" sneakers designed by Reebok in collaboration with Icecream and Billionaire Boys Club were part of a limited edition run comprised of only 170 numbered pairs. Released in 2005, the sneakers are distinguished by silver leather on the upper and an illustrated print with dollar signs and diamonds in navy, flanked by red trim on the midsole and heel. Arguably the most famous pair of Ice Cream Lows originating after the creation of the Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream brands, formed as sister labels to A Bathing Ape, these Icecream Lows were to first to feature the now iconic dollar signs and diamond pattern that fans of BBC and Icecream alike have grown to love.