Jacob & Co. Rubiks Cube

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Product Description

Jacob & Co. Rubik's Cube Keychain

Product Details

14K White Gold with Yellow, White, Pink, Green, and Cognac Diamond. 14.24 carat weight (est.). Weighing a total of 166 grams.


Pharrell Williams

Product Note

An icon that has been rendered in plastic so many times (literally hundreds of millions) that it has become an indelible part of pop culture. How do you reimagine it? How do you reanimate it? How do you celebrate and juxtaposition its ubiquitousness with excess and luxury? You take it to Jacob. In yet another glimpse into the imagination of a re-imaginer, Pharrell commissioned this fully functional, 166 gram Rubik’s Cube keychain in 5 different colored diamonds, set in 14K white gold.