Pearl Necklace with Emerald Charm

Lot 8

Product Description

Mimi Pearl Necklace with Hoorsenbuhs Lock and Emerald Charm set in 18k Gold

Product Details

Freshwater Pearls with Hoorsenbuhs Lock and Emerald Charm set in 18k Gold. 18.5 carat weight (est.). Weighing a total of 86.3 grams. Length of 26 inches.


Pharrell Williams

Product Note

When the fashion blogs chum the waters with dumb clickbait headlines like “Pearls—Man’s New Best Friend?” you can thank P. Amidst the chaos of rappers trying to out-bling each other, and the exhaustive games of fresher-than-though, Pharrell did it different. Forever seeking new ways of self expression, he was never afraid to explore the jewelry case. Case in point: this elegant string of pearls, complimented by a gold lock and stunning emerald. This string made many public appearances and was the precursor to Pharrell’s own signature pearl necklace as part of his Collaboration with Chanel.