Round Brilliant Diamond Three-Stone Ring Set in 18k White Gold

Lot 20

Product Description

Three-Stone Diamond Ring Containing a 20.32 Carat F Color, VVS1 Clarity Round Brilliant Cut Diamond and 2.05 Carat Half Moon Diamond Side Stones Set in 18k White Gold. The Diamond Is GIA Certified.


Lorraine Schwartz

Product Note

The two side stones of this ring alone are jaw-dropping. At 2.05 carats each, they’re already sights to behold with their half-moon cut and their renowned Lorraine Schwartz clarity and quality. But in this story, they’re just the supporting characters. The main character of this fairytale ring is the immense 20.32 carat F color VVS1 clarity round brilliant cut diamond, cradled in the middle. All set in 18k white gold, this 3 part saga begins and ends with beauty and glamour.