Jacob & Co. Astronaut Pendant Chain

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Product Description

Jacob & Co. Astronaut Pendant and Chain

Product Details

14K Yellow Gold with Yellow Diamond. 26.97 carat weight (est.). Weighing a total of 252.8 grams. Length of 28 inches.


Pharrell Williams

Product Note

This Billionaire Boys Club astronaut mascot is a glimpse into Pharrell’s ambition and imagination. It is his personal reminder that if man could make it into space, then anything is possible. Rendered in 3D using 14K yellow gold and nearly 1800  brilliant-cut yellow diamonds, dangles from a gold and yellow diamond chain. While this level of dimensional in a pendant is common amongst celebrity jewelry nowadays, this was not the case when Pharrell commissioned the piece in 2004. At the time, a pendant with this many jewels rendered with this much detail and dimension was simply out of this world.